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Eco-Oil is the first player on the market to be able to provide a completely renewable fuel that works in today's cars without any necessary reconstructions.

We believe that a great part of the global transportation will continue to be powered by liquid fuels within the nearest future. Eco-Oil is an attractive player on the market and could be an important step towards the world's step from an oilbased economy and towards a more sustainable future.


Our research team consisting of 4 people has been working with the completion of a catalyst- and process unit and our administration team has been working on finding ways of distributing our fuels, PR, and the economic side of Eco-Oil.


Today we have a unique, patented technique for production of fossil-free gasoline, diesel, LPG, JET- and aviation fuel from inputmaterial such as energy crops, forest- or agricultural residue, sawdust etc.


What makes our products unique are:

  1. a completely fossil-free catalyst for hydration of the fuel.
  2. neutral by-products (clean water and biodegradable carbon residue are the only by-products)
  3. availability for the customer (small units and the fuels can be used in regular car)


The first commercial process unit is planned in the end of 2018.


The process units are built in relatively small units (container solutions) which makes the process scalable.


Eco-Oil puts focus on "Circular economy" and the unit's size makes this possible. By growing the inputmaterial close to the process unit (preferably close to a small municipality/village) the inhabitants have a possibility to be self providing regarding fuels, with a number of job opportunities to boot.


Often the countryside has had to pay the prize for the pollution that happens in the cities and the globalization has apart from that also lead to worsened work opportunities in many smaller societies. By establishing our process units in exposed areas we can help fight both poverty and pollution. In this, Eco-Oil hopes to be able to collaborate with UN, UNHCR, Sida etc.


See pictures from Finance Event in Stuttgart, Germany on our Twitter:

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Research project since 2007

After several years of research, we are proud to present a totally CO2-neutral and renewable fuel for petrol-, diesel- and aircraft engines.

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