100% Renewable Fuels.


All of our fuels are exact chemical copies of their fossil counterparts, but does not contain a single fossil molecule.

They are also CO2-neutral in the sense that they do not produce any new CO2 to the atmosphere as the feed is derived from biomass and already contained the CO2 that is released when the fuel is combusted.


As inputmaterial we can use raw material from energy crops, that is non-food sources. The inputmaterial is processed and converted into 100% renewable gasoline, diesel, LPG, JET- or aviationfuel.


The by-products from our production - depending on which fuel is being created - are clean water or biodegradable carbon residue that works as a fertilizer.


Our fuels can be used as a stand-alone product or as a low-blend solution. As the fuels are exact chemical copies of their fossil counterparts they can be used in today's cars without any alterations necessary.




The product Eco100+ is our synthetic gasoline. As Eco100+ is completely fossil-free it is an enironmentally friendly alternative to fossil gasoline.


The properties are the same than fossil gasoline, but with a slightly higher octane number (97-98 octane).


Eco100+ is approved according to the European Standard (EN 228).



The product EcoDiesel+ is our diesel. It is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to fossil diesel as it is completely fossil-free.


EcoDiesel+ is to be regarded as a synthetic diesel with similar properties as Diesel Mk1, with the exeption being that it is completely fossil-free and with a slightly higher cetane number. 



The product Aero+ is our renewable JET-fuel that can be used as a blend-in fuel together with fossil JET-fuel up to 50%. The product is categorized as a high focal synthetic light diesel, which means a high cetanenumber.


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Research project since 2007

After several years of research, we are proud to present a totally CO2-neutral and renewable fuel for petrol-, diesel- and aircraft engines.

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